Zayn Malik Imagine


Zayn receives a call from you, and goes somewhere private to talk to you since he’s been away for quite a long time. He’s in america, while you’re still in England.

"Hey babe." His voice is tired from not much sleep, and the busy tours with not much time off in a week.

"Hey Zayn, I miss you, How is it?" You try to hide the pain, not being able to talk to him but once a week with how hectic it is for them.

"I’m good, missing you too much though. I’ll be home soon, and we can spend every second together, okay?" He’s smiling through the phone.

"Okay." Youre voice is so petite and small at that moment, knowing the tears are about to come.

"Baby, don’t cry. We have a show tomorrow, but after that we have a day off, i believe. I’ll talk to you all day, okay? We can video chat and catch up." He’s staring out the window, feeling a pain in his heart as he hears you sniffle through the phone.

"Okay. That sounds fun."

"Zayn, We have to- Oh.. Sorry mate, We just have to go." Niall said as he scratches his neck awkwardly, knowing he interupted an important conversation. "I’ll be out- um, here.." He walks back out.

"(Y/N), I have to go, were doing some photo shoot today, But i’ll text you when i’m finished okay. I love you."

"I love you, Zayn.." You hang up, leaving zayn to sigh into the phone, knowing that this is going to repeat next year for the 2014 tour.

Zayn walks to the door, going back to that thought, he;s never even discussed that topic with (Y/N) yet, He knows it will break your heart. His fist pounds on the wall, leaning his forehead against it. All he wants is a couple days off so he can see her. So he can spend time with his girlfriend who is just standing by, letting Zayn life his dream.

He walks out to see all the boys waiting, They then open their arms up and walk to zayn, embracing him in a group hug, knowing how he must feel miserable not being able to see the girl he loves.

"Thanks guys." he says, knowing he has his boys’ backs.


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Who wants an imagine?
Leave me a message in my inbox with: name, age, boy.(name and age can be made up if you’d like, but i just need one for the imagine, unless you want me to put (y/n))

Who wants an imagine?

Leave me a message in my inbox with: name, age, boy.

(name and age can be made up if you’d like, but i just need one for the imagine, unless you want me to put (y/n))

Just posted it. Enjoy :)xxx

Name: Maeve
- Boy: Zayn
- Age: 19
- Personality: kind, caring, worrisome, quiet, oversensitive, innocent
- Likes: books, music, cats/Dislike: snakes, meat, idk
- Description: tall, pale, freckled, really really long red hair, blue eyes

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A Zayn Malik Imagine/OneShot for Maeve:

You and Zayn have been dating for 6 months now, and the fans were quite nice to you. You don’t receive much hate, and Zayn is always making time for you. Today your supposed to meet Zayn at Starbucks, but two hours have passed and he hasn’t showed up yet. You went on twitter to see if there was any news of if Zayn was hurt, or stuck in traffic, or mobbed by fans. You began to get worried about him. Maybe even worried of you and him.

You tried calling his cell phone and texting him, but there was no answer. So, you picked up your purse and Starbucks coffee and made your way to Zayn’s flat, hoping nothing was wrong.

As you grab your spare key he gave you, you unlock the door and see his keys and phone laying on the kitchen counter.

“Zayn?” You call, expecting an answer. You walk through the hall and notice the door cracked a little bit.

As you press your hand up against the door, you notice Zahn still in bed, but not just Zayn, a brunette is in the bed beside him. He has his arms wrapped around her little waist and the covers pulled up to their chest.

Your heart starts racing as you throw the spare key down on the floor and your eyes quickly fill with tears. You run out the door, almost tripping as you step out and slam the door shut, not caring if it wakes them up.

You run until your legs begin to ache, but as you slow down you hear your name being called from behind you. Your trying to run faster, but your legs are weakening and aren’t wanting to run anymore, causing you to collapse on the ground. Your long red hair falls on the ground as you burry your face in your hands and give up.

You give up on everything in that moment. Thinking you trusted Zayn was a mistake, he cheated on you. But who knows if that was the first time. Maybe he does this on nights that your not with him.

“Maeve!” Zayn called, his voice getting louder by the second. “Maeve!” He repeated and was already down by your side.

“Go away!” You managed to cry out, nothing could fix you.

“Maeve. Please. I didn’t mean for this to happen. Out of every night, this night I had gotten out if control. Please. I can’t-” he began to say, but you quickly cut him off.

“You Cheated on Me!” You raised your head, looking him dead in the eyes and let the tears roll down your cheeks. “I trusted you, I loved you! And this is how you repay me? By betraying me? By cheating on me?” You slowly got to your feet, wiping away the tears. “I don’t ever want to see you again, Zayn Malik, EVER!”

“Please don’t say that.” He begged, water forming in his eyes.

“I never expected this, never from you.” You wiped your eyes once more and passed him, making your way to your flat.

“Maeva! Wait! Please. It was a mistake. I didn’t think it was going to end up like this. Please! I would do anything to take it back. And you know it!” He grabbed your arm and stood up, trying to pull you closer.

Luckily, you had ran to an empty park, and it was Close to Dark, so there wasn’t anyone listening or watching. “I don’t know that Zayn.” You sniffled, trying the hardest you can to stay strong.

“I love you, I don’t love her, I don’t even- I don’t even know her. I met her at the bar, and she bought me too many drinks. I lost control of myself. Please?” His grip on your arm had tightened, and was beginning to hurt.

You jerked your arm away, only causing more pain as he wouldn’t release. “Let go of me, Zayn!”

“Please Maeve!” He begged again, squeezing your arm, causing his nails to dig in your skin.

“Your hurting me!” You cried out, feeling his nails cut your skin.

As he wouldn’t let go, you cried out in pain, pushing his chest hard, wondering what’s happened to him in a single day.

All in once he let go of your arm, stepped back, and stared in complete shock at your arm, that you were now holding. “I- I’m so sorry. I- I don’t know what’s gotten into me….” He squeeze his eyes shut, quickly falling down to the ground. He didn’t show any sign of pain from the concrete hiring his knees or arms. He was just clenching his hair with his hands, pulling at it.

“Zayn…” You whispered, slowly kneeling down beside him.

“I love you! I don’t want to hurt you, in any way. Why am I doing this? Why?” He yelled, his face still facing the concrete.

“I don’t know Zayn, sometimes, thing happen unexpectedly.” You replied, not really knowing why. You pulled at his shirt, wanting h to raise up.

As his face was just an inch from yours, he started to whisper. “I can’t lose you. Please for let that happen. Please.”

“You won’t. Just promise me this won’t happen again. Promise me, because if you break that promise, I won’t be able to look at you…”

His hand brushed against your cheek, and his lips were just about to meet yours as he whispered. “I promise.” He then pressed his lips against yours, feeling more like himself as he pulled you in his lap, letting the moment sink in.

Sorry it took so long. But, Hope you enjoyed.

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- Name (just first)
- Boy
- Age (can be made up)
- Personality
- Likes/Dislike
- Description

A Harry Styles Imagine for @amandafrancis09

All she could hear was screaming fans, screaming their names, crying, reaching out for them, and shes there thinking I’m just one of them, a fan… she spots Harry trying to get through the crowd, the other lads right behind him, he sees her and automatically she comes closer but the guards are pushing her away. He continues watching her, and when her eyes water he taps the guard to move and holds his hand out to her. Whaat!?!? 

She took his hand and he pulled her in front of him, he wrapped his arms around her so she wouldnt get pulled away, he hurried her into the hotel and the boys quickly followed, looked over at her then at harry confused.

"Um, Harry…." Niall said scratching his head and chuckled.

Harry just shrugged and pulled her over to the couch in the hotel lobby and grinned at her.

"Hi…." She spoke very softly.

He laughed and took her hand in his. “Please don’t be shy love.”


"Tell me about yourself." He continued smiling at her.

"Um, I’m.. I’m… Amanda." She pushed a small strand of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ears and smiled.

"That’s a very beautiful name." He said, looking into her eyes.

Amanda blushed and looked down, just now realizing harry was holding her hands. “Um, Why did you… like… back there when…” She blushed again, she couldn’t get the words to come out of her mouth.

"I saw you, and something clicked…. my mind told me ‘get her, take her hand, go inside, get to know her’, strange huh?"

She nodded, almost hypnotized by his words.

He kissed her cheek and smiled, “It was very nice to meet you amanda.”

She gently touched her cheek, blushing deeply and nods, “Same to… to you… harry.”

He took a piece of paper out and a pen and wrote down some number and handed it to her, “Call me sometime. But don’t let no one get that… That would be bad.” He chuckled as she took the paper, nodding her head.


I know i havent been posting imagines, i’ll be posting them soon though. PROMISE!

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Writing an imagine soon. :) It’s been forever, right?

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I was gonna write Imagines, but im too tired. Send em in and i’ll write some soon.

A Zayn Malik Imagine For Shayla

[Her Tumblr]

"Hey, Love" Zayn called as he entered the kitchen.

"Hey Zayn, Have a good sleep?" You said kissing him on his warm lips and wrapping your arms around his neck.

He nods and scratches his head, “Sorry i fell asleep. Rough day. I was meaning to stay up and wait for you.” zayn kissed you back, pulling you closer to him.

"It’s okay. I heard you guys performed a lot of songs today on stage."

He nodded.

"At least you had fun. Want to go back to sleep? It’s around midnight." You laugh and kiss his cheek.

"Not unless your going to join me?" He just looks at you, smiling."

"I thought you’d never ask." She turns and puts up her water and returns to his bedroom, already in one of his t-shirts and gets under the covers, zayn follows, yawning.

"How long did i sleep?"

"About three hours."

He gets under the covers and wraps his arms around you, in a protective, but cuddly way. “i love you shayla, night babe.”

"Goodnight Zayn, i love you too."

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